Healing Through Dance

Healing through dance is a key component of my healing services in Kingston upon Thames. It is an extremely inspirational, freeing, joyous holistic workout for the mind, body, and soul, where you move to your own beat and engage with your unique energetic flow, thereby releasing pent-up negativity and stress. It is THE most amazing movement for raising your vibration, raising your energy and raising your mood.

Join in and have the most amazing dancing experience ~ It is the absolute best form of healing.

Chakra Dancing is my absolute go to when I need to lift my mood. I go to my healing studio, put on the music... and DANCE! It is the ultimate moodbuster.

The Amazing Healing Art of Chakra Dancing

This is exercise without realising that you are exercising, because it is so much fun. Free

your mind and enjoy the feeling of connection

to the music and nothing else.

This is the perfect Movement for Menopause,

as it is gentle on the joints and you are free to move at your own pace.. and it is the most amazing Moodbuster.

Chakra Dancing is a beautiful and upbeat way of expressing true healing. When you dance, you let go of negativity and tension and create positive change within you, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Embrace those feelings of profound positivity and joy. There is no thought, judgement or ego to get in your way.

Connect to your arms, connect to your feet, connect to the flow of your body ~ AND DANCE

Chakra by chakra, energy is released to leave you feeling powerful and free. Free of stress, free of tension and free of anger, worry and anxiety ~ LET IT ALL GO.

Most importantly ~ HAVE FUN!

Testimonial for 1 to 1 Chakra Dancing Session

I had a very special experience during my one on one chakra dancing session with Erica. I could connect deeper with myself , my body and my emotions. I could open up and enjoy the movements and the music. I felt stuck energies leaving my chakras and my body. Thank you Erica for guiding me through this experience. Your pleasant and gentle introductions helped me a lot to free myself up. I recommend chakra dancing to everyone who wants to be more connectedto themselves, to their body and the whole universe. Thank you.

Vivian Varga

Chakra Dancing Workshops Coming Up

I am so excited to set up some further dates for my Chakra dancing sessions. Held on my riverview healing studio in Kingston upon Thames, this is a space for 4 participants plus myself, to let loose and DANCE.

Each session is guided by me, but it is your opportunity to let go of stress, negativity and anything that is not serving you right now.


Dates for your Diary ~ Please click on booking link below, or contact me for booking

New 2023 Dates for Chakra Dancing Workshops will be released soon. Please message me to register your interest

1 to 1 Chakra Dance Coaching – 75 minutes - £65

90 minutes of Chakra dancing with 1 to 1 guidance, through areas of energetic release. Together with creative meditation to enhance the release of energetic blocks and enhance total holistic wellness.

Small Group Chakra Dancing ~ From £20

For 4 people on my riverview healing studio in Kingston upon Thames.

Small group Chakra Dancing sessions and workshops available to book now. Please see above for available dates for booking

Don’t hesitate to give me a call if you want to learn more about the way I use chakra dancing as part of my holistic health and healing coaching in Kingston upon Thames.


The chakra dancing class was a fun and joyous experience. Being in the moment was so powerful. A great way of decluttering my busy mind and removing physical tension from my body.

Alison Persson

I found the chakra dancing workshop incredibly uplifting and rejuvenating. After experiencing some stressful times at work recently, I've found myself able to cope much better, which I am sure is a result of such a healing workshop

Siobhan Fisher

A fantastic workshop that I thoroughly enjoyed and came away feeling uplifted and energised. Thank you Erica.

Celina Barnet